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Random from Weaving

Iris - guitar strap by SleyTheDent Iris - guitar strap :iconsleythedent:SleyTheDent 1 3 weaving fun by shrye weaving fun :iconshrye:shrye 1 4 Wild Weavers - hand carved band weaving shuttles by Ghost-Horse Wild Weavers - hand carved band weaving shuttles :iconghost-horse:Ghost-Horse 2 1 ten shades of gray - guitar strap by SleyTheDent ten shades of gray - guitar strap :iconsleythedent:SleyTheDent 2 2 Kitty - guitar strap by SleyTheDent Kitty - guitar strap :iconsleythedent:SleyTheDent 1 4 Rainbow - guitar strap by SleyTheDent Rainbow - guitar strap :iconsleythedent:SleyTheDent 2 3 House Colors -  guitar strap by SleyTheDent House Colors - guitar strap :iconsleythedent:SleyTheDent 1 2 card weaving by shrye card weaving :iconshrye:shrye 3 5 ocean blue - inkle purse by SleyTheDent ocean blue - inkle purse :iconsleythedent:SleyTheDent 1 6 First set of omiyage weavings for Yoshi-o by Arachnoid First set of omiyage weavings for Yoshi-o :iconarachnoid:Arachnoid 3 0 Red/White scarf by KrysalKasi Red/White scarf :iconkrysalkasi:KrysalKasi 3 0 Hallstatt by Aranyakanya Hallstatt :iconaranyakanya:Aranyakanya 3 3 Vlechtwerk by Aranyakanya Vlechtwerk :iconaranyakanya:Aranyakanya 4 2 More Minions by Aranyakanya More Minions :iconaranyakanya:Aranyakanya 2 3 Picking greens by weavedmagic Picking greens :iconweavedmagic:weavedmagic 7 7 Epona pouch by Aranyakanya Epona pouch :iconaranyakanya:Aranyakanya 4 5
My personal favorite artisan craft :)





Journal History

Art Made for Me and Art I Own

Modern Day Parable (with love)

“When my children were very young, I bought a used Infinity. It was the nicest car I ever owned. It was in mint condition, and I intended to keep it that way. Unfortunately, I was alone in my pursuit. One Saturday morning, as I was taking out the trash, I noticed something on the hood of my car. I walked over for a closer look and to my utter dismay discovered that someone had scratched the letter A into the paint. Beside the A were attempts at several other letters. I was furious. Within seconds my two sons were standing beside me as I demanded to know who scratched up my car. For a moment there was silence. Then Garrett, who was five at the time, piped up: ‘Allie did it.’ Allie, my youngest child and only daughter, was a whopping 3 1/2 years old. I called her out to the garage, pointed to my hood, and said, ‘Allie, did you do that?’ She sheepishly looked up at me and said ‘Yes, sir, Daddy.’ What was I going to do? There was no way in the world for me to explain to Allie the significance of what she had done and what it was going to cost me in dollars, time, and hassle to get it fixed. There was no point in telling her now I was going to have to take the car to the shop, rent a car, and pay for the rental car as well as repair. She had no context for understanding any of that. It would have been equally as absurd to demand that Allie pay for the damage. Fair, maybe, but unrealistic. What does $200-$300 mean to a 3 year old? The numbers wouldn’t even register. And where would she get the money? So what do you do in that kind of situation? Sever the relationship? Demand payment? Rant and rave? Of course not. I did the only thing I could do for someone I loved as much as I loved her. I knelt down and said, ‘Allie, please don’t do that anymore.’ She said, ‘Yes, sir, Daddy.’ Then she hugged me and went back inside. I continued to love her as much as ever. And I paid for the damage she caused. I wasn’t concerned about fairness. It wasn’t appropriate to figure out what was fair. What was most important was grace and mercy. Even if it meant that I had to pay for what she had done.”


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Allison Phillips
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Schizoaffective Awareness by Lizzy-Banner Allison's Promises Stamp by schizocatgirl264 Stamp: Promises are important by ShadowStarEXE CERN stamp by neko-xexe Love Like Crazy by OnWingsOfBlue

I am a religious person even though I don't read scripture. I've made a promise to God I intend to keep.

This pixel icon is a commission I paid for. The cat avatar is from a dead artist Louis Wain. I am schizoaffective. That means that sometimes I get confused about reality. If it scares you I'm very sorry. There's a lot of people who think that there's no difference between the mentally ill and the sane but that's actually not true. I am not sane and I am different. If I hurt you I apologize but I'm really not trying to hurt anyone. It's just my illness. I'm not perfect so be patient with me.

Life's A Marathon Not A Sprint

About art on this site... I love it! I can promise you that if I follow you I've seen your art and I think it's great but it is time consuming to favorite all the art I like because I like too much. So don't feel bad if I don't favorite in a while. My attitude is not "there's too much bad art" or "There's never any good art on this site" I love to see all kinds of art with varying skill level. What makes deviantart great is that they let all people express themselves even though they may not be good at it. It makes the site feel real and gives it depth.

The website I linked to is my old vine. Yes it's a little wonky and it doesn't show all my videos but now that Vine is down I feel like sharing my work. So sad to see vine go...


Skin of a Mythical Beast by Judescreations   Freeform Crochet Cuff Bracelet by Judescreations   Neptune's World by Judescreations   Crocheted Loon by Judescreations   white white white by Judescreations   Gray Matters by Judescreations   Continuous Thread by Judescreations  Judescreations has a very unique style to her crochet. Some of what she makes is considered more "fiber art" than clothing or accessories. The result is very unique pieces. These are some of my favorites of hers.
Hand Woven Tapestry by Maximo Laura by Maximo-Laura   Hand-woven Tapestry: Beloved Lover by Maximo Laura by Maximo-Laura   Sacred Encounters in the Jungle by Maximo Laura by Maximo-Laura   Hand-woven Tapestry: Yacumama - The Water Goddess by Maximo-Laura   Hand-woven Tapestry: Sacred Breath of the Jaguar by Maximo-Laura   Hand-woven Tapestry: Inner Cosmos by Maximo Laura by Maximo-Laura   Hand-woven Tapestry: Mayor Spirit by Maximo Laura by Maximo-Laura   Hand-woven Tapestry: Glowing Path to the Light by Maximo-Laura   Hand-woven Tapestry: Looking Balance of the Life by Maximo-Laura   Peruvian Tapestry Art: Maximo Laura weaving by Maximo-Laura  Maximo-Laura is the most amazing weaver I've seen. All deviations here were made of yarn and he is seen here sitting at his loom with a WIP.
Edit 2 by schizocatgirl264  I am so happy right now! I just found out from that the Holy Spirit gives out gifts to all believers :) The Holy Spirit gave me the gift of faith and my boyfriend the gift of helps! I love God Cling to the Cross emote :D 
This status update has an interesting question, "does a lie produce freedom?" I may have to consider this...

Time and history has taught humans nothing at all. 
They shout justice and equality, but nobody believes it
Did slaughter ever produce equality?
Does a lie produce freedom?
Does violence ever produce peace?
Do you think that the desire produced progress?

Acrylic nalbinding/needlebinding test (modern use) by CraftsOfAllTrades   Crochet doily by CraftsOfAllTrades   Simple scarf by CraftsOfAllTrades   Lucet stitch test by CraftsOfAllTrades   Tiny sprang pouch by CraftsOfAllTrades   Dark green pouch by CraftsOfAllTrades   Christmas weaving by CraftsOfAllTrades   Shoulder Strap by CraftsOfAllTrades  CraftsOfAllTrades shares similar interests to me. We both want to master fiber arts. Listed from top left corner to bottom right: Nalbinding; Crochet; Knitting; Lucet; Sprang; Cricket, Rigid Heddle or Similar Loom Weaved; Frame Loom Tapestry; and Peg or Stick Loom
knitted overknee socks by Rita-Ria   Overknee socks - warm colors by Rita-Ria   Stockings by Rita-Ria   Legwarmers: Forgetmenot by Rita-Ria   Legwarmer Skull by Rita-Ria   Leg- or Wristwarmer: Halloween by Rita-Ria   Knitted christmasgift by Rita-Ria   Legwarmers Totoro by Rita-Ria  This is my medium. Rita-Ria the best knitter on DeviantArt. 
Kat's beautiful legs and stuff by SuperPhazed    The Selfless Eye by SuperPhazed   X by SuperPhazed   Skeleton Love 2 by SuperPhazed   ^_^ by SuperPhazed  

Mature Content

:p by SuperPhazed
  Cat Love 3 by SuperPhazed  

Mature Content

Paigesavill by SuperPhazed
 This artist: SuperPhazed, is how I would do art if I had skills other than crafting. It is so beautiful.
embedded_item1483887249550 by schizocatgirl264
what do you all think of my sister's work? she posts to facebook


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Weidenlied Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hello, you! Thank you so much for the watch! Have a poem in return:

Smile, because
if life wanted you to cry
it wouldn't have started
in the arms of your mother.
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This might be of interest to you:
WikihowRejects Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Professional Artist
Oops, try this link instead:
schizocatgirl264 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Lol I don't have imaginary friends. ;) but I do hear voices... Maybe you could do a wiki how related?
WikihowRejects Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Professional Artist
Perhaps I can
gameandwiitch Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Thank for the fav again for my new picture !
Judescreations Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thanks for adding my work to your collection.

Your weaving looks great!
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That's a favorites collection. Core members can feature art in unique ways. :) you should know that you can feature art now by using a link. You don't have to be core anymore but core still offers other kinds of customization
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your stuff is cool and your avatar is cool too!
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I like your double knit you're welcome :)
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